Big Data & High Performance Computing

Quick and easy build and deploy options for Big Data Analytics applications & HPC

High Performance Computing (HPC)

In order to solve complex, compute-intensive problems, HPC applications need high network performance, fast storage, large memory, very high compute abilities. With AWS you can increase your research speed and reduce time to derive results by running HPC in the cloud and scaling to a larger numer of parallel tasks which would be practically impossible in most on-premises environments.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a system of ubiquitous sensors connecting the physical world to the Internet. In order to derive the value in these three components, we have to close the gap between the virtual and physical world in self-reinforcing and self-improving systems.

AWS offers specific IoT services such as AWS Greengrass and AWS IoT to help you collect and send your data to the cloud, load and analyze the information easily and manage your devices so you can focus on developing applications for your needs.

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