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Six has successfully implemented SharePoint in the Healthcare industry with a renowned hospital network

South Jersey Healthcare is a non-profit health care organization that’s been delivering healthcare for over 15 years. Its care is designed for the modern world but its processes and systems were stuck in a paper-based past. Outmoded ways of managing information – entering handwritten care requests into Excel and duplication of review stages – were slowing things down and making it difficult to track information.

The result was that people were unable to predict what was around the corner or get the information they needed when they needed it. In a sector where prompt response times and accuracy of information is critical, South Jersey Healthcare urgently needed a smarter way of organizing its systems and information.


The solution

We took a whole-system approach to South Jersey Healthcare, looking at how, where and with who information was being shared across the organization and where the crunch points were.Taking SharePoint Workflow as the content management platform, we designed simpler, more intuitive, automated processes that maximized the potential of SharePoint’s search and real-time reporting functions. 

Now, South Jersey Healthcare have a modern, super-efficient CMS that means people can get hold of the information they need when they need it. Real-time reporting makes forecasting the financial well-being of the organization a lot simpler. Ready access to financial data makes it easy to make better decisions about the company’s finances. Turnaround times and the cost of document management have all dropped significantly too.  This was only the start of of our collaboration with South Jersey Healthcare. We continue to work together to troubleshoot CMS issues and make sure the system is able to flex and grow as the organization does.

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