Marketing Automation

Discover and nurture business leads using multi-channel campaigns

Discover and nurture business leads with targeted marketing campaigns

Interacting with customers is no longer limited to a single platform or medium. Now, businesses have to compete for attention over a number of platforms and ensure real time responses to retain attention and interest.


With the help of Dynamics CRM, it is possible to create targeted marketing campaigns that can address the needs of different customer types using multi-channel campaigns that are personalized and in tune with the latest consumer trends.

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Marketing Solutions that work for your every need

Email campaigns
Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables you to integrate your email campaigns with your CRM. It is possible to manage lists and subscriptions through a central source and provide your sales team with prospective leads they can work with. It is the perfect synergy of marketing and sales effort that you can benefit from.


Automate campaigns
With an easy drag and drop interface in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can create unique campaigns that can address each individual preference to deliver a personalized message to your customers.


Create landing pages
With the help of customized landing pages, you can capitalize on your paid search ads and boost lead capture. These landing pages can also be used to offer gated content where information can be captured for follow up by the sales team.


Event management solutions
With the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration tools, you can connect to event management sites like WebEx, Eventbrite etc. This enables streamlined tracking of information and customer history.


Track visitors
With the help of integrated tools, it is possible to track and identify visitors once they complete a form with their information. Sales teams can use this history to tailor the services offered to meet the client’s needs.

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