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Meeting customer expectations has always been a critical goal for every business’ success. No other industry is more dependent on its clientele for its longevity than the hospitality sector. With the giant strides in technological advances, customer expectations are at a peak not seen till now. Quicker and convenient check in procedures, individualized room adjustments to bedding etc., personalized heat adjustments in each room, dietary requirements - the list is endless.


While maintaining a high standard of service, it is also essential to pay attention to the daily work management flow to ensure a seamless flow of operations at the backend.

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The Six Connection

 Six Consulting’s exceptional team of consultants and experts have decades of experience in their field to bring informed and innovative ways to enhance your workflow through a collaborative, team based approach to problems.



  • Business strategy & management

 In today’s competitive business environment, you need solutions that will enable smarter and quicker decision making that relies on real time insights and intelligence. Your business can be transformed with technology that takes advantage of proven business logic and allows you to redesign internal processes in an agile manner. Innovation and quick response times gives you the edge to stay a step ahead of the competition.  you can also benefit from the flexibility to grow at your own pace and manage your business anytime, from anywhere with cloud solutions that allow for global scaling of operations when you need them.

  • Customer engagement

Cultivating a trusted customer relationship is primary to every business’ growth. Keeping the customers engaged over a wide number of channels has become critical to ensure customer satisfaction. More businesses are realizing the importance of developing a social media strategy to stay on top of their game. With customers increasingly using social media channels to ask customer service questions, and response time on such channels lead to more favorable brand perception in the market. Organizations that fail to engage socially stand to lose a large number of customers. Customers value brands that take the time to listen to them, interact with them and engage with them actively to offer solutions within a reasonable period of time. Using activity metrics to determine social success can help define the customer engagement policy and ensure actionable insights that can be leveraged.



  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems (CMS) are integral to empowering teamwork and collaboration. In the current global workplace, you need the ability to collaborate effortlessly and securely with team members both inside and outside your organization. It is also easier to keep your employees informed through the intranet and boost efficiency by sharing common resources and applications. Personalization of communication sites are also key to creating a personal experience for all. Powerful search tools and access to peer insights enable informed decision making and better productivity. All of this comes with the security of cloud based storage making it accessible anytime, anywhere.



  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions refer to a solution aimed at managing a business’ relationship and interactions with its clients and customers. With the right system, it is possible to stay connected with everyone while ensuring streamlined processes and better profit margins.

With the ability to save all information relevant to the customer in one place, it is possible to keep track of and engage in a more meaningful relationship with them.

In recent years, CRM solutions are no longer utilized by solely sales and marketing teams. Customer Service as well as HR teams can also improve their performance with this solution.

Customer Service teams can keep track of client interaction over a wide range of platforms to ensure that the client has a streamlined message and interaction experience. Further, HR teams can use the tool to speed up the recruitment process and track the employee performance, training needs etc.  to focus on employee retention targets.

with a wide variety of uses for every department in the organization, the right CRM platform can lead to better employee and client satisfaction.



  • Cloud based services

Enabling businesses to set their own pace of growth relies on the freedom of choice and flexibility to conduct work anytime, anywhere. With the power of cloud services, we help you discover that power of freedom. You can leverage information and take advantage of team members that can unite globally across time to take your business to new heights. Cloud based services can be easily integrated to legacy systems and data that allows for a streamlined distribution of information at the right time and place for informed decision making. All of this comes with the peace of mind that secure and compliant cloud services can offer from trusted providers such as Microsoft and Amazon.


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