Backup, Storage & Archive

Avail of secured, scalable and durable storage solutions without investing in on-premises infrastructure

No capacity planning needed

With AWS you only need to pay for what you need. There is no need to for advance payments for anticipated storage capacity or worry about investing in an on-premises infrastructure in order to achieve efficiency and scalability.


Assured security of data


AWS maintains a high level of security to ensure your critical data is secured. Your data can remain compliant with AWS security certifications such as SOC1. They also have standards such as AES 256, which enables encryption of data at rest, ensuring that no one can view your data.

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Data Archiving

AWS Import/Export simplifies the data transfer process from your on -premises infrastructure to Amazon Glacier in a smooth and efficient manner.


AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)  puts you in charge of your data user access giving you the right to manage user access of your resources.

Disaster Recovery

AWS enables businesses to avail of faster disaster recovery of their critical systems without the infrastructure cost of a second physical site. AWS boasts of multiple data centers in Regions globally that allow you to deal with any critical disasters in the shortest turnaround time.

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