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Unify business processes across multiple systems with scalable solutions

Automate and optimize workflows with the Anypoint Platform TM

Businesses often struggle with ways in which they can unify their processes for better efficiency. More often than not, the challenge is to find a common solution that can tie in processes that are spread out over multiple technologies or need constant changing to meet the complex demands of growing markets.


These problems can be effectively solved with the Anypoint Platform TM . Using this platform, it is now possible to access core system records and unlock the data almost 64% faster with out-of-the-box connectors and graphical data mapping.  

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What you get


Faster access to records

With the help of a comprehensive out-of-box connectors library and click-based data mapping you can now connect to systems 64% faster. Your team can access the data in a secure interface with the help of APIs. Further, the data can be reused several times without the need of developing new integrations.


Accelerated process automation

It is easy to build processes using the MuleSoft implementation templates. With the help of a graphical development environment, data can be integrated across multiple systems effortlessly.


Repurpose business capabilities

The main advantage of MuleSoft is its ability to seamlessly connect to multiple systems for a connected and consistent interaction platform for all users i.e. customers, partners, team members etc. The use of APIs allows you to repurpose business processes as services and make it available for reuse across multiple channels. 



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