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Historically, application development was a highly specialized function that relied on technical experts. It needed long lines of complex code that had to be entered error-free to achieve the required results.


With the advances in technology, we are now at the stage where applications can be developed by general business users who don’t need to understand complex code. This has led to lower costs and shorter development time.


With frequent automated upgrades included in the services, downtime for maintenance and application updates is also reduced.  Salesforce also allows for an easy integration with other application development tools such as Angular JS, Backbone and Ember for easy customization and configuration.

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What you get


6 ways in which Salesforce enhances application development


-Take advantage of the Salesforce mobile application development tools for quick and easy design, development and roll out of applications


-Flexibility of low-code and code-heavy tools to accommodate preference of all users


-Work and share data real time with the advantage of the cloud


-Reduce cost on storing data in – house as all application development tools are saved off-site on the cloud


-Seamless syncing of and Heroku apps to integrate model-driven apps with code- centric applications


-Increase productivity and customer relationship management through customized apps that help you work efficiently


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