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In every sales pipeline, it is critical to reduce processes that are time consuming and more importantly, distract your team from doing what they do best- getting out there and interacting with your customers.


With the power of Salesforce technology, your team will be equipped with cutting- edge analytics to help them handle the entire sales process – from identifying prospects to converting potential leads into customers.


Salesforce Sales Cloud is also equipped with the Lightning user experience that brings back the magic in your Sales cycle. Harness the power of effective, organized and timely actions that will take you a step closer to boosting revenues.


But, the journey doesn’t end once you have achieved the sales target. With the intuitive and reliable Salesforce Service Cloud, it is easier to understand and interact with your customer in real time.


In today’s competitive marketplace, there is a growing need to refining your Customer Relationship process. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are key to the lasting growth of your business.  Every business needs to invest the time and effort in creating, nurturing and improving their bond with their customer.


With the power of the Salesforce Service Cloud at your fingertips, you can rest assured that your team has the tools it needs to offer a customized, personal experience for your customers that they will cherish.


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What you get


6 ways in which the Sales Cloud works for you


-Use predictive artificial intelligence tools to improve forecast accuracy.


-Collaborate with departments through connected applications for a holistic view of the client’s journey.


-Interact with potential leads all through the sales cycle with CRM platforms that provide a unified message irrespective of communication channel preferences.


-Craft social campaigns to engage with your customers effectively.


-Act on customer feedback to improve your offerings and match their needs.


-Engage with your customers past the sales cycle and offer a service experience they will appreciate.



6 ways in which the Service Cloud works for you


-Constantly re-evaluate your customers and their needs.


-Utilize predictive analysis to understand customers’ habits and communication patterns.


-Establish the brand persona and voice to provide a streamlined customer interface across all platforms.


-Offer a personalized communication journey to your customers.


-Take advantage of the right interaction tool that meets your business needs.


-Offer a fully integrated, easily scalable and intuitive user interface to your customers for better engagement.



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