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Understanding portals

A portal is a secure online environment where a business can interact with its clients and employees. Almost all companies are aware of the importance of an employee portal or intranet. However, quite a few are inhibited by the cost involved in implementing it for small businesses. With the advent in technological innovations, there are a wide range of solutions to cater to every size and type of enterprise.

Before you take the decision to launch your own company customer portal, here is a quick guide to help you understand what you can expect and look for before you take a decision.

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Do you need a Customer portal?

Technology has changed the way in which businesses interact with their clients. Demand for 24-hour support and personalized interactions are now the norm in every business offering. Till some time back, being active on social media was sufficient to keep your clients informed. With the demand for personalization on the rise, an increasing number of businesses are discovering the potential of Customer portals. While interacting with a human representative is important to maintaining the business image, offering the option of a self-service portal is a faster and easier way to ensure constant customer support.


Advantages of a customer portal

-          Streamlining of processes: A common portal offers a central location where all client contracts, proposals, contact information and history can be stored. This ensures that everyone has access to up to date information that will facilitate faster turnaround times and personalization of preferences.

-          Customer loyalty: While earning new clients is considered as important to growing a business, it is also important to keep existing customers satisfied. Every customer appreciates personal interaction and the ability to interact with the supplier without a delay in turnaround times. A dedicated portal makes it much easier for both parties to make and amend contracts without a lengthy administrative process.

-          Secure information: With the advantage of cloud based portals, clients and companies can rely on the latest in security technology to keep their data safe and readily accessible.

If you are looking for a boost to your communication and collaboration efforts and at the same time maintaining market competitiveness, contact us for a cost-effective customized solution.

Understanding intranets

A great product does not guarantee better sales. A team’s productivity relies on creating symbiotic relationships that energize employees and processes. Collaboration and teamwork involves a shared respect for team members, and an in-depth understanding of each department and how each individual’s role affects the business and client experience.

Lack of internal communication can be identified as the key factor behind the inability of some companies to meet deadlines while submitting quotes. In order to ensure a streamlined workflow, it is important to structure effective collaboration between departments.

Better collaboration between departments

Project overview
Treat every project as you would treat an organization. Without a vision, an organization can’t function. Similarly, it is important to formulate a common goal or vision for a project. Each project execution should start off with a cross-departmental meet. This is where the key management team should interact with all the employees and given them a holistic idea of that they are trying to achieve and where each team member fits in that picture. When the team members can see the impact they will have on the outcome, it will strengthen their engagement and boost productivity. Employee disengagement is one of the biggest causes for concerns in today’s growing market. Ensuring that there are active feedback mechanisms set up during every stage of the project will encourage them to interact and result in faster resolution of problems that might come up during execution.

Encourage a culture of mindfulness
A team is a combined unit that will fail to perform effectively when separated. It is important that team members can understand the constraints and problems faced by the different departments during a project. This can encourage them to help team members find solutions to their problems as well as make them effective in the long run.

Speak a common language
Technological as well as intra-departmental jargon is hard to miss. The problem is mainly faced by new employees as well when you are trying to communicate with other departments. One way in which this can be avoided is by creating a database of commonly used terms. Sharing this on the intranet is a great way to get everyone on the same page. These details will also make newcomers feel at home during the onboarding process.

Information sharing
The intranet portal is a very powerful tool that should not be ignored. Workplace interactions on a project can be saved effectively here. Any new team member can also be quickly brought up to speed by reviewing the communication on work already done and next steps to be taken. Easy tracking of targets and goals make this a must have tool for every workplace.

Encourage team members
Team leaders should celebrate any milestones and acknowledge team member contributions in the project. This helps foster trust and respect amongst the team members. Small celebrations or happy hours help build the team spirit and give employees a chance to mingle and get to know each other better.

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