Talent Acquisition

Technology that transforms your business talent

Identify your needs

 No matter where you are located or which industry you are in, the one thing that never changes is the need to have exceptional talent on your team. It is critical to have the right talent acquisition strategy that will evaluate your current talents and needs as well as helps develop actionable strategies to gain a competitive edge.

 Intuitive process

 Our team of experts at Six Consulting work with you to resolve all your needs. We utilize in-depth analytical tools to analyze your current practices and handle the entire hiring process from looking for the right candidate to ensuring a seamless handover to the HR team.

 We leverage the current technological solutions to not only help your team improve its efficiencies and streamline the hiring process but also provide key insights into the talent available to help you make an informed choice.

 Custom solutions

 We believe in innovation and creativity. We also understand that just as no two people are alike, each organization has different work cultures and personnel requirement. No matter what your specific process, we work with your team to design an approach that fits for you. We do not believe in a one-size fits all approach and are dedicated to offering solutions that eliminate duplication and costly mistakes


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