Foundation of Six Consulting Success- Expertise and Diversity

  • Vandana Karve
The IT firm Six Consulting has developed a team of talent from around the world to cater to highly customized solutions that work for you.
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Recently, Six Consulting’s achievements were profiled in the Diversity Plus magazine. Our technical experts offer customized solutions catering to businesses looking to harness technology to improve productivity.


Six Consulting opened for business in 2007, and the fact an information technology (IT) firm is thriving in 2018 is a testament to the expertise of its diverse team. The minority-owned business is currently focused on primarily assisting customers with company portals, customer management and talent acquisition. However, the company has grown by staying current in a rapidly changing industry and anticipating the future, meaning new services are frequently added. Six Consulting's goal, according to CEO Parth Patel, is to make the workday better for people by providing innovative industry- specific solutions.

As the Vice President overseeing delivery from the first introductory client call to execution of the project, Sam Yehya has an umbrella perspective of what it takes to succeed in an industry that is always in transition. "We are a services firm catering specifically to the healthcare, manufacturing and hospitality sectors. Our key focus areas are company portals, customer management, employee engagement, process automation, data analytics and talent acquisition," Yehya said. Technology never stands still, so Six Consulting's team is always looking ahead to the future. The workforce must stay current on existing technology while also keeping an eye on technology trends and new technologies that often have a direct impact on the way people work. Six Consulting is a recognized industry expert in areas that include content management, collaboration systems, customer relationships management and cloud services. Keya Grant, supplier diversity lead at WestRock, a multinational provider of paper and packaging solutions, says Six Consulting is a Protégé through the Georgia Mentor Protégé Connection program and they bring great value to the relationship. “It has been an amazing journey thus far. Their leadership team is smart and eager to learn from our stakeholders and have been give carte blanche to our entire organization including the C-suite. They are forward-thinking and ask all the right questions,” Grant said. What makes the Six Consulting approach different is that the project team included the people working in the office in the system so they, too, can keep up with what is going on in the field.

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