How meditation helps coding

  • Parth Patel
Meditation is not only about reducing stress and depression. It can also benefit your immune system, help you think better and be more productive and improve your health all round.
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How meditation helps coding

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Studies show that programmers are constantly under stress. And sadly, this stress is not something restricted to a few hours a week.
Our team members had several issues to deal with.

‘I’m constantly looking for problems. Bugs that need to be fixed. This mind set of focussing on what’s wrong is something that I find myself doing in my personal life as well. It is hard to disconnect.’

‘I had no mental self discipline. My mind was constantly at work trying to figure out a particular problem. I could not be focused and be productive on other activities with friends or family in my free time. ‘

‘When I couldn’t solve a problem, it reduced my self esteem. I just felt that I wasn’t good enough and started losing confidence in myself.’

‘In case of critical tasks, I would panic as the deadlines would come closer. That would only confuse me further and I was unable to think logically.’

Meditation has different meanings for people. Most are sceptics and relate it to divinity or spiritualism. However, for our team at Six who took part in the Art of Living Program last week, the experience has been an eye opener.

But after the program, they realized that change was possible. And being happy was and will always remain in their hands.

So, our advice to you is to slow down and find your groove. Life has a lot to offer.