How SharePoint Engine became Six

  • Parth Patel
What's in a name? Actually quite a lot. Discover how we're changing and what's new.
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Why Six?


It’s said that there are only Six degrees of separation and it was this idea of connection that inspired our new name. We connect people to the ideas and technology that make every working day a better one. A big part of this is helping bring people together more effectively to collaborate and create.


Our original brand SharePoint Engine – had served us well for 10 years. But when we undertook a review of our brand and website in early 2017, it became clear that we’d outgrown our name.

The decision to change our name was not something we took lightly. We consulted our clients and got their thoughts on it. It was clear that their experience of us – as a design-led consulting firm that used technology to solve their business problems – wasn’t reflected in the name.

There was also confusion around the role of SharePoint Engine. We wanted our existing and prospective clients to get a clear picture of our core expertise and wide range of services offered to make SharePoint and Microsoft technologies work harder and smarter for businesses.

We wanted a name that – like the technologies we build for clients – was fit-for-purpose and would grow with us.

Working with an established brand and design consultancy, we explored a number of new name ideas before arriving at Six. We like Six as it’s short, snappy and talks to our bigger brand purpose of connecting people through technologies.

We’re looking forward to this new chapter in our story as Six and connecting with more people along the way.