Six shines again at the Vibha Dream Mile

  • Parth Patel
With over 2000 runners participating in the Vibha Dream Mile, Six made a dash for every child’s right to education, health and opportunity
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Six shines again at the Vibha Dream Mile

Here at Six , we know the importance of making connections that will last a lifetime. As an active member of our local community we have been working with Vibha for several years.

The Vibha Dream Mile aims to help every child attains his or her right to education, health and opportunity. Till date, the organization has supported more than 300,000 children through 250+ projects in India and the US. In 2011 it was selected by as one the '11 Charities to Run For" across the U.S.

As in the past, the event was very well attended this year as well. With more than 2000 runners participating, it was a sign of the social commitment of the community to this important cause.
Six and its team members were there in full support to cheer on the runners. Our lucky draw was a key attraction at the event.

As we continue our journey of forging new connections and forming relationships that count, we will continue to be a part of such ventures.