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Being mobile is now a must. Studies show that an increasing majority of people use their mobile devices to access everything from banking to communication, news, business and even entertainment. Which is one of the biggest reasons why not having a mobile presence will affect your revenues directly.


Irrespective of business size, Salesforce mobile solutions can help you improve customer engagement as well as take better informed decisions that will result in higher sales revenues and customer satisfaction.


With access to mobile marketing solutions, you can reach a larger market as well as communicate with them irrespective of their location. Instant communication that is personalized to match each users’ requirements are some more of the advantages of these mobile solutions.

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What you get


6 ways in which Mobile applications can boost productivity


-Provide access to critical data to ensure healthcare is personalized for each patient


-Empower team members in remote locations to fulfil orders and resolve any issues on the spot


-Boost employee engagement with the help of social HR apps at every step right from recruiting to onboarding to training


-Simplify project management with apps that allow for real time collaboration accessible to all employees from their mobile devices


-Personalize the shopping experience for customers when their information can be shared to any store they visit


-Keep track of the application development process by your IT team with real time progress recorded for quick reference


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